Miniport Ships

Here at Miniport Electric ships, we have developed a standard fleet of hire centre boats to choose from, these can be tailored to your site-specific needs with eye catching graphics & your own branding

Our standard Ship range are based around a simple set of mouldings for the decks & hulls, our ships can be then tailored to your requirements by our simple, yet clever use of additional mouldings creating differing looks for a variety of ship styles. This matched with our range of bespoke graphics packages can deliver a multitude of uniquely diverse boat looks, dependent on your brand requirements

Miniport Electric Ships are delivered ready for the water, just plug in to charge your batteries & they are ready for work...

MP-ES have built in wheels for easy launch and recovery, so no need for additional trollies or trailers ashore


Standard fleet options

Miniport Cruise Liner

Blue hull with a white deck, graphics package designed to give the feel of a classic liner

Miniport Container Vessel

Grey Hull, Grey deck, branded to your requirement for shipping...

Miniport Container Vessel

Miniport Ferry

Always popular with families: in white or red, with twin funnels.

Miniport Ferry

Miniport Destroyer

Our ‘type 45’. In grey throughout with a nice big foredeck gun.

Miniport Destroyer

Miniport Freighter

Traditional design of ship, seen at ports around the world, in red throughout with white twin funnels mounted on an aft deck mouldings

Miniport Freighter

Miniport Police Boat

Blue hull & grey deck, with big reflective graphics, a mainstay of our fleet offering

Miniport Fire Boat

Red hull & grey deck, bright & bold, looks great in a mixed fleet of colours, always a favorite with the little ones... 'fireman Sam's boat'

Miniport Pirate Ship

The latest and greatest buccaneering hire boat. The Jolly Roger, pictured first, and the ghostly Flying Dutchman


Heavy duty PVC covers are available for each design.


Custom designs

MP-ES are always excited to work with client to deliver bespoke boats and designs to suit any location, below is an example of a what we can do...

Snake Boat...

Tasked with delivering a 'snake ship for an international client, we delivered an attractive design to fit into a jungle themed site