Mini Port Voyage across the Solent!!

On Monday 7th July, 3 Miniport Ships crossed the Solent from Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, passing Gunwharf Quays and Gilkicker Point, arriving at Ryde Pier 4 hours later, to raise money for Chernobyl Children's Life Line......

We raised a total of nearly £1000 for the charity; our ships had never been on open water before, so were escorted by 2 rigid inflatables from Mendez Marine

This really was an adventure afloat! You can share the adventure by visiting us at eitherPortsmouth Historic Dockyard, or Gunwarf Quays Miniport, and taking out a boat with your family. We're sorry, but you're not allowed out of the boating ponds this time........

The Miniport ferry passing Whightlink Ferry!

The Miniport ferry passing Wightlink Ferry!

Miniport destroyer off Portsmouth

Miniport destroyer off Portsmouth


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