Floating Accessories

Miniport Electric Ships provide a complete range of accessories required to ensure your site has visual impact & interest for the sailors, both young & old...

We can provide all items required to establish a new hire site, from pontoon systems & barrier fendering to pirate islands & lightships. We specialize in making things simple to operate & enjoyable for all. Our team are always happy to discuss what will work for you...

To enhance a location we have a variety of designs, including our standard lighthouse, tower & castle. These eye catching additions add interest, and market your business even when you’re fleet are not operating

Our accessories are great for directing traffic flow & ensuring points of interest for sailors to explore

We are able to design & manufacture almost anything requested that may suit a site specific needs upon request...

Miniport Castle

Built to last in GRP, our medieval castle is a real eye catcher and a favorite with all...

Miniport Tower - large

Our Cotswold sandstone tower, standing 1.4mts high, set upon its own grassy hill, built to last in GRP throughout,  complete with flags...

Miniport Lighthouse - maxi

The lighthouse is a huge favorite, every site wants one (or 2...) standing around 1.4mtrs tall

it is a great way to direct the flow of boats around your lake

Miniport Mine

A menacing black dome with those dangerous hedgehog spikes.  Don’t bump it…..

The Miniport Mine

The Miniport Mine

Miniport Lightship

A cheerful red double-ended vessel anchored serenely in your boating lake.


Inflatable Arch

The arch is a huge favorite with customers at all boat hire sites.  Almost every boat goes through the tunnel on every lap! Made to our own design in Hypalon, or PVC.

Inflatable Arch

Inflatable Arch