Electric Boats for Sale! Miniport Ships mark 3 in use

The new model electric ships are now in production, with the mk 3 fire boat first into the water. As ever handling the boat ashore and launching couldn't be easier.

Version 2

The new boats are exactly the same up to deck level, with incredible stability and wind resistance. Notice how with Alex's weight mostly in the boat, there is hardly any heel. This provides a very reassuring feel for passengers - essential for their first time afloat.

Version 2

The ride is responsive, Zak getting the boat under control from the start here as he leaves the pontoon in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.


The new ships look fantastic, with slightly increased freeboard giving a boxier, more ship-like appearance. Handling is even better, and we have reduced our build costs and speed of production with the new deck mould.

Version 2

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