Electric Boats for Sale and Lease

Electric Boats for Sale

Now in our seventh year, we now build electric ships regularly for other businesses.

Our electric hire boats are all fibreglass (GRP) for really low maintenance, and are as tough and reliable as they come. We run 10 ships at our own venues, afloat on salt water 7 to 8 months every year. They charge afloat, and the oldest still looks as good as the newest.

Our own venues are probably the smallest and most densely packed boat hire ponds in the world. Our Miniport Ships are driven by novices aged 3 to 90, they stand up to daily collisions and we have unique expertise in how to do this.

Miniport electric boats are made mainly for boat hire lakes, and look amazing.  They are beautifully fendered and designed for minimum maintenance.

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Electric Boats for Lease

Our electric boats are also available for lease. This can be a very attractive solution for existing businesses, and is our preferred solution.

Our electric ships are manufactured in GRP to exacting standards: they are reliable, resilient and easy to use. They put a smile on thousands of faces every year!

The Miniport Ships have been called by a variety of names: pond boats, lake boats, children’s boats, family boats. To prove how seaworthy they are, we took three electric boats across the Solent to the Isle of Wight and back in July 2014!


The 8 mile round trip was completely uneventful!

The design is RCD compliant to Category D. Generally our electric boats are made to order, so please enquire.

If you are interested in setting up your own Miniport, please do get in touch with us.

A new fleet of four Miniport Ships plus accessories, installed June 2015 at Tamba Park in Jersey:


See below for our exclusive range of ships available:


Miniport Ships & Floating Extras: