Electric Boat – the day tourer

Boat Hire With a Twist

“Since 2011 we have been supplying five-seater electric ships to the boat hire industry, it’s ‘boat hire with a twist!’ Not only do the kids get to choose from a fleet of individually crafted GRP ships, but get to be in charge and drive their parents!”

There are now fleets of Miniport Ships in over 10 counties between North Yorkshire and the Channel Islands, mainly on smaller pieces of water & in several overseas sites

Having seen an upsurge of interest in using their boats on larger lakes, we've been busy designing a boat tailored for the purpose: the day touring Boat.

The Electric day tourer

This exciting new boat has a seaworthy, traditional shape – At 5 m length it has a seating and buoyancy arrangement allowing people to move around easily whilst afloat, with a fitted picnic table and cool box.

Utilizing new to market custom designed motor packages from 1kw - 3kw, the day tourer will offer silent boating and extended range offered by cutting edge Lithium battery solutions

The addition of a hard top bimini will protect sailors from the summer sun and can be lowered after use forming a hard top watertight cover for storage

The boat will be available to private buyers, with a combi trailer, as well as aversion for use in boat hire businesses, where a tailored themed design will make it very attractive.

Trials within our home port of Chichester Harbour are planned for early 2024

“In reality the boat could be sold with a traditional petrol outboard, which fits in the well, but the experience of cruising in almost complete silence is so good, that we’re focused on the electric version, which we think will appeal both to boat hire venues, and families looking for a river or lake boat.





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