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Electric Boat – the day tourer

Boat Hire With a Twist “Since 2011 we have been supplying five-seater electric ships to the boat hire industry, it’s ‘boat hire with a twist!’ Not only do the kids get to choose from a fleet of individually crafted GRP ships, but get to be in charge and drive their parents!” There are now fleets…
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Electric Boat for Sale!

We have a novelty Electric Boat fleet for sale this month: 3 unique used boats at a fantastic price. This is an unusual opportunity for a boat hire business to have a lot of fun increasing the attractiveness of their waterfront - a tug, a ferry and a submarine! (Feb '17 - All used boats…
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Electric Boats for Sale

Electric Boats for Sale. We are now producing unbeatable quality electric boats for sale at our best ever prices. A fleet of 4 brand new electric ships is now available for under £6,000, depending on the size of the order!
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