Prices & Tickets

For Autumn 2014 a Miniport Voyage is priced at £10 per ship.

Each ship will take up to 2 adults and 3 children, or an equivalent crew!

Earlybird Voyages

Remember that before 12:30pm, voyages are 50% longer in duration.

Second Voyages

Bring your Miniport flag or balloon back, and have a second voyage that day for half price!


Loyalty Card

If you are a regular visitor, ask us for a loyalty card. This enables you to a free voyage for every five, and entitles you to our term-time price during the summer holidays. Please note, new loyalty cards are only issued during term time!


Visitors with a Disability

We will try to accommodate as wide a range of needs as we can. Both our venues have a flight of steps, making wheelchair access difficult.

As long as there is not a long queue, we will give those with any form of disability 50% extra voyage time - just ask us.


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